Blundstone & Shakey Jakes Art

In this captivating image created for Blundstone during Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024, Marvel’s Ghost Rider takes center stage on his fiery motorcycle, exuding strength and conviction.

The flames swirling around him emphasize the intensity of his presence, and his burning eyes add an extra layer of mystique. Notice the meticulous details, from Ghost Rider’s Blundstone boots firmly planted on the motorcycle to the dynamic motion as he confidently speeds forward.
The choice of Blundstone footwear highlights the fusion of rugged durability and style, making a bold statement in the world of fashion.

What makes this image truly innovative is its interactive nature. When scanned with a mobile phone, it unveils new dimensions, inviting viewers to explore additional layers of creativity. Blending the iconic Ghost Rider with cutting-edge technology, this piece not only captures attention at Copenhagen Fashion Week but also pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Throughout the piece, elegant, golden threads dance, representing connections and relationships between the elements. The winding lines establish a delicate balance between chaos and order, inviting the viewer to reflect on the fragility and beauty of fleeting moments.

Made with passion

Watch this awesome timelapse of the Ghostrider canvas being made. It took forever, but the result was indeed worth it!

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