Launching soon
Getting ready to launch Shakey Jakes Art:
After ages of creativity, years of designing, months of converting arts to designs – we are getting ready to launch the brand new Shakey Jakes Art website, art gallery and streetwear webshop. Working today in the beautiful sunlight in Espergærde. Todays topic is creating a content plan, finalizing the last details on the webpage and planning our release party on July 1st. Stay in touch to be with us when we launch!

The team behind Shakey Jakes Art, from right:

  • The Nerd: Andreas Kragekjær Pedersen
  • The Artist: Jacob Bjørk
  • The Housekeeper: Lasse Almgren-Jensen

Join us for the release:

We look forward to launch the webshop on July 1st – where we host a launch party in Copenhagen, Denmark.

To be part of the community and get the exclusive opportunity to join us in celebrating the launch – sign up here:

Shakeyjakesart community



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